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A Short List of Publications on

HEBS-Glass and LDW Glass Gray Scale Photomasks

    The 1997 Photonics Circle of Excellence Award Winner: HEBS-Glass Photomask Blanks of Canyon Materials, Inc., Photonics Spectra, May 1997, page 100.
    "Direct Write All Glass Photomask Blanks," U.S. Patent No. 6,562,523 B1 by Chuck Che-Kuang Wu and Laurie Ann Wu, May 13, 2003.
    "Gray Scale All Glass Photomasks," U.S. Patent No. 6,524,756 by Chuck Che-Kuang Wu, February 25, 2003.
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    "Gratings in GaN Membranes" by Chii-Chang Chen, Chia-Hung Hou, Jinn-Kong Sheu, Jenq-Yang Chang, Ming-Hung Li, Gou-Chung Chi, and Chuck Wu, in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 43, No. 8B, pp. 5854-5856, August 25, 2004.
    "Fabrication of gray-scale masks and diffractive optical elements with LDW glass" by V.P. Korolkov, A. I. Malyshev, A. G. Poleshchuck, V. V. Cherksshin, H. J. Tiziani, C. Pruss, T. Schoder, J. Westhauser, and Chuck Wu, in Lithographic and Micro-achining Techniques for Optical Component Fabrication, E. B. Kley and H. P. Herzig, eds., Proc. SPIE 4440, pp. 73-84, 2001.

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