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What are a GDSII file, a BPD file, and a JOB file?
  • A GDSII file is the file that you submit to us that contains your mask design. Each gray level is one layer in a GDSII file. CMI can also fabricate a GDSII file of your design.

  • A BPD (binary pattern data) file contains primitive shapes (rectangles and triangles of 0.1 micron dimensions) that is recognized by the E-beam pattern generator to write your pattern. We will fracture your GDSII file into multiple BPD files to write your mask.

  • A JOB file is the collection of commands that tells the E-beam pattern generator how to write your pattern files.
  • How do I send you my GDSII file? GDSII files can be emailed, sent on floppy disk, CD-ROM, Iomega ZIP (100MB) or JAZ disk (1GB).
    I am concerned about the security of transferring my files via email. What can I do? You may send us an encrypted file, using PGP encryption. Just email us at and we can send you our public key. [For more information about PGP encryption, check out the site]
    I am interested in ordering a HEBS Glass Photomask; how can I find out the cost to fabricate my design? Since HEBS Glass photomasks are fabricated to your specifications, we need information about your specific design (such as pattern size, optical density range, number of layers, repeating units, etc.) to issue a quotation. Please email us at to get more information. Click here for more information on custom photomask fabrication.
    What information do you need to write my custom lenses or microlens arrays? Please see CMI's Data Needed for Fabrication of Lenses. CMI offers GDSII file preparation based on your design specifications.

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