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Data Needed for Fabrication of HEBS-Glass Photomask for Refractive Microlens Array,
Diffractive Lens Array, or a Single Lenslet

Circular Lens (Radius = R)

Square or Rectangular Lens (Diagonal Radius = R)

Radius or Diagonal Radius (R)Exemplary Ring Width* (Gray Level Width)
<100 micron1 micron
100 to 400 micron2 micron
400 to 1000 micron3 micron
1000 to 2000 micron4 micron

*Each gray level is a ring (the n-th ring consists of two circles specified by r (n-1) and r (n)). Ring width may be constant for all gray levels to produce any arbitrary lens surface profile (spherical surface or aspherical surface).

Circular Lens
R = 100 micron
Ring Width = 1 micron

OD of n-th ring (n=1, 2, ... , 100)
r (n-1)r (n)OD
0 micron1 micron0.15

The customer needs to provide a list of Optical Density values such as that shown in the table above. The list of OD values defines the surface profile of the customer-designed lenslet. HEBS-glass calibration plate is employed by the customer to obtain the necessary data for converting resist height profile into the list of OD values.

Starting with the concentric rings for a circular lens, we can cut the circular lens into square lens or rectangular lens with a tilt or without a tilt of the optical axis.

We step and repeat a single lenslet into a lens array when the value of the period is given by the customer.


HEBS Glass

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