Canyon Materials, Inc. - High Energy Beam Sensitive (HEBS) Glass

High Energy Beam Sensitive (HEBS) Glass

HEBS Glass Gray Scale Lithography (CMI Product Information No. 01-88)

Canyon Materials, Inc. specializes in the fabrication of true gray-level masks. With its revolutionary, patented High Energy Beam Sensitive (HEBS) glass, CMI fabricates a true gray-level (gray-scale) mask using a standard e-beam pattern generator. HEBS-glass turns dark instantaneously upon exposure to an electron beam; the more electron dosage (current × dwell time), the darker the glass gets, without graininess. Since there is no graininess, HEBS-glass is capable of resolution to molecular dimensions.

Since an electron beam can be focused to a 0.1µm spot size, every 0.1µm spot within in a 5" × 5" plate of HEBS-glass can acquire or reproduce a transmittance value that is required or assigned by a mask user or a mask designer. HEBS-glass masks are capable of more than 500 gray levels. The minimum width of a gray level is 0.1µm.

HEBS-glass fabrication and consequent electron beam exposure eliminate alignment errors, providing economical mask fabrication. Also, the direct e-beam writing on the low expansion silica glass eliminates chrome, resist and process chemicals for a zero-waste technique. 

Canyon Materials, Inc. offers the service of making custom HEBS-glass gray level masks to customers specifications. These gray-level masks enable mass fabrication of 3-D microstructures and are employed in several fields of micro technology. These fields include diffractive and holographic devices, micro-optics and micro-mechanics, integrated optics, and optical interconnects.

Detailed Description of HEBS glass
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High Energy Beam Sensitive Glass
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