Canyon Materials, Inc. - High Energy Beam Sensitive (HEBS) Glass

High Energy Beam Sensitive (HEBS) Glass

  • Patented glass products of Canyon Materials, Inc. (see U.S. Patent No. 6,524,756B1, No. 6,562,523B1 and No. 5,078,771); unlike halftone masks such as chrome masks that rely on varying pinhole density, LDW-glass and HEBS-glass masks are the true gray scale photomasks.

  • Predetermined gray levels are obtained by beam exposure of a surface glass layer to a range of dosage (beam current x dwell time).

  • High resolution; 0.1 micron per gray level.

  • Wide range of gray tones (>500 gray levels).

  • Conventional contact aligners and projection printers are used without any special requirements.

  • Continuous optical density values of the gray levels range from less than 0.1 to more than 2.0.

  • Optical density values up to 8 are available in custom ordered plates.

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    HEBS Glass

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